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Smart Pipe Case!




Frame when you have time!


Your painting is delivered in a smart pipe case. You can frame your painting whenever you want, or give it away as a personal gift!




Standard Price


Panorama size!


With Smart-Art you can order any panorama size you want, just be sure that you type the right proportions. It is a perfect opportunity to create a new home styling! 



Standard Price


The standard price for any oil reproduction except portrait is €160 per m2.

Price example: A painting 1 X 1,5 m costs €240, (wooden frames excluded).


Freight not included.


You will receive complete information about the price for your painting when you make an inquiry.



Gift Voucher


Do you have a gift voucher? Just type your voucher number when you order.

Would you like to buy a voucher and give to a friend? Send a mail to info@smart-art.se.



Mail your photo and price inquiry to: info@smart-art.se